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8/24/09 - First For Women Magazine
In a recent study, hay fever patients who used a drug-free nasal spray containing capsaicin experienced significant relief from stuffiness. >> click here to read more

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May 2008 - News Channel 8 Magazine
Quick relief for headache and migraine sufferers. All natural nasal spray made from peppers. Sinol is the first nasal spray for headaches sold over the counter. >> click here to view

Columnist Dr. Peter Gott
5/23/08 - Northwest Herald
Dear Dr. Gott: I suffer from headaches associated with allergies and have tried numerous medications without much success. I’m really in a bind to find something I feel safe taking. >> click here to read more

10/30/07 - New York Times
The Claim: Cayenne Peppers Can Cure Headaches. >> click here to read more

8/20/07 -
Medicine Cabinet Sinol All-Natural Nasal Spray with Capcaisin. >> click here to read more

3/20/07 - Yahoo! News
Fighting Cancer with Pepper. >> click here to read more

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10/16/06 - What Should I Take For My Allergies and Sinus Problems?
After having two sinus surgeries, allergy shots and being on antibiotics continually, I found an all natural product called Sinol Nasal Spray, and I now recommend it to everyone. >> click here to read more

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10/9/06 - New 'All Natural' Sinus and Allergy Drug Hits the Market
Sinol USA, Inc launched the new Sinol Nasal spray this past week to the all-natural market in Baltimore at the Natural Products Expo East, the nation’s largest all-natural trade show. >> click here to read more

Press Release
9/25/06 - Prevent Sinus and Allergy Problems this Fall
Fall allergy and sinus problems aren’t only created by ragweed, trees and grasses. You have to look a little deeper in your house to find other culprits that may be wreaking havoc on your nose this fall. You could use a mask but go with the new all natural OTC, Sinol Nasal Spray. >> click here to read more

Press Release
9/18/06 - Study shows that Nasal Spray Delivery is More Effective for Headaches
Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons in New York reported that intranasal delivery of medication for migraines and cluster headaches may be both convenient and more effective than other modes of drug delivery for a variety of reasons. >> click here to read more

Physics Newa
Get Allergy and Sinus Relief with SInol Nasal Spray. >> click here to read more

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9/11/06 - For Sinus and Allergy Relief the Pharmacist says 'Please Pass the Pepper"
Sinol's nasal spray relieves sinus, allergies, and even headaches fast. Pharmacists and Doctors are recommending this new all natural nasal spray. A leading retail pharmacist explains why it works. >> click here to read more

Press Release
8/28/06 - Spray Away a Headache
A new, all natural nasal spray has been launched for migraine and cluster headache sufferers by Sinol USA, Inc. The nasal spray is all natural and can be used at the firstsign of a headache. >> click here to read more

5/14/06 - Physician Assistant World
To Relieve Allergies the Pharmacist says "Please Pass the Pepper". >> click here to read more

Press Release
1/23/06 - Pepper the Hot New Cure
What do Harvard, Yale, University of Southern California, and the New England Headache Clinic, as well as many more medical facilities have in common? They are all using pepper to cure some of their patients. >> click here to read more

Warning: Not recommended for children under 12. If you are pregnant or nursing, ask a healthcare professional before use.

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