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Sinol relieves Allergies & Fatigue...
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Leading allergists, ENT's and primary care physicians are recommending Sinol-M Nasal Sprays!
  • Fast relief of congestion, sneezing, sinus pressure & pain, runny nose and itchy eyes
  • No harmful side effects like antihistamines, decongestants or pain relievers
  • Easy to use nasal pump
  • No drowsiness or jitters
  • Drains your sinuses naturally
  • Clinically proven effectiveness

Sinol-M Proven Clinical Studies

All Sinol and Sinol-M products are zinc-free. No loss of smell (anosmia) has been reported in association with the use of Sinol or Sinol-M nasal sprays. In a clinical study of Sinol and Sinol-M in patients with persistent allergies, no side-effects associated with loss of smell were reported.1

1. Kaliner M, White M, Tzachev C, Efessiou C, Farrar J, Miller J, Popov T. Assessment of Two Capsaicin Containing Solutions for Symptoms Relief in Subjects with Persistent Allergic Rhinitis. 2009, Poster #22; Presented at the Western Society of Asthma, Allergy & Immunology meeting

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