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Allergies are a result of an overactive immune system.

Understanding Your Allergy Problems

"Allergies and headaches can be difficult to deal with...I recommend Sinol, which is the first headache nasal spray registered with the FDA. It relieve[s] headache pain...reduces, prevents and/or stops sinus pain, as well as congestion and inflammation. It is nonaddictive and free of harsh side effects." - Peter H. Gott, M.D. Medical columnist and Author

The allergic immune system misidentifies un-harmful substances as harmful, and then fiercely attacks these substances. These attacks can create problems which may range from mildly inconvenient and uncomfortable, to extremely severe.
Some common allergens: dust, mold, pollen, pet dander.

How Sinol Works - Instant Allergy Relief

Sinol nasal spray for allergies uses Capsaicin, an ingredient that comes from the pepper plant and is found in most spicy foods. The capsaicin desensitizes the mucous membranes making them less irritated by airborne allergens. Sinol nasal allergy spray will break up nasal congestion fast, cleanse and moisturize the nose, keep your nasal passages moist, clean and bacteria free while it prevents allergy triggers. Sinol over the counter allergy nasal sprays do not dry out the nose like antihistamines and decongestants found in other allergy nasal sprays.

Get instant pain relief using the most powerful allergies and sinus nasal spray on the market today.

First FDA Registered and Clinically Tested Nasal Spray
Patients who were challenged with natural capsaicin reported a long lasting relief of symptoms that included rhinnorhea, congestion, sneezing and coughing (this relief was reported to have lasted up to 9 months after treatment)." Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

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No harsh side effects
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Warning: Not recommended for children under 12. If you are pregnant or nursing, ask a healthcare professional before use.

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